Contract services are a great solution for companies that have fluctuations in their need for particular positions.  As projects begin to ramp up, Braxstaff Technical will be there to provide the resources our client will need to complete the project.  With contract positions, Braxstaff Technical and the client will agree on an hourly bill rate during the duration of the contract.  Once the contract is started, Braxstaff Technical will handle all Human Resource functions.  This includes: payroll, taxes, state, and federal reporting requirements and insurance.


Contract-to-Hire services are very similar to Contract Services, except for the fact it is normally the intention of the company to hire our candidate at some point in the future.  This option gives our client the ability to track the performance of the employee before making them a permanent job offer. Braxstaff Technical and the company will agree on an hourly bill rate for the contract period, the date the consultant will be converted to a full-time employee, and the number of hours the consultant must work before they are converted to a full-time employee.


Our Direct-Hire services are a great option for companies that need candidates internally, but might not have the resources to attract ideal candidates. Braxstaff Technical will seek out top-performers who are already employed and passively looking for a new position. Direct-Hire services give companies the ability to immediately hire Braxstaff candidates as their internal employees. With Direct-Hire services, Braxstaff Technical and our client will agree on a Direct-Hire fee (based on a percentage of the candidate's annual salary). There is also a guarantee provision set in place, to protect our client in case the candidate does not work out.