Recruiting Process

Braxstaff follows a six-step process designed to identify resources that are ideally suited for your needs. This process secures qualified resources promptly, keeps your projects on track, and ultimately saves you time and money. This process provides maximum value for our clients in regard to candidate quality and cultural fit.

Step One: Qualifying Questions

By working with our clients to identify the qualifying questions, we can quickly narrow the field of potential resources. We'll select the professionals who demonstrate a great match.

Step Two: Reviewing Resumes

Braxstaff has a highly detailed approach to reviewing resumes. A quick review is not enough: we carefully look for qualifications, experience, technical abilities, education levels and a fit with your corporate culture. 

Step Three: Self-Ranking 

Before we recommend candidates, we need to know how confident they are in their skills, knowledge, and abilities. We have our candidates rank themselves in the key areas so that you know you're getting a professional who feels confident about fulfilling your requirements.

Step Four: Reference Checks

You need to know if a resource's confidence translates into real-world results. At Braxstaff we verify references. That way, you'll be absolutely certain you're getting the best match possible.

Step Five: Ranking the Resources

After a thorough evaluation, Braxstaff gives you the confidence to know that every candidate is capable of success.

Step Six: The Perfect Match

You review the resumes. You make the choice. You see the results.